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Conceptual visualisations

Midterm Conceptual endresult.jpg


Midterm Introduction.jpg

Midterm Overall system 2.jpg

Midterm Defining Space.gif Midterm Flowchart.jpg Midterm concept Gathering.gif Midterm concept Curtain opening.gif Midterm concept Soundwave.gif Midterm concept Lighting.gif Midterm concept Reactive.gif Midterm concept Reactive to movement.gif Midterm concept Generating connection.gif Midterm concept Interactive 2.gif

Illusion of space

User Kinetic Rain Singapore Airport.jpg
User Cardboard Chandelier Cristina Parreno.jpg
User Light as building material.jpg
User Spotlight2.jpg
User Breathing Room II Antony Gormley.jpg
User DSC 0210.jpg
User lichtgrenze.jpg
User quietus-claire-morgan-install.jpg
User quietus-claire-morgan-5.jpg

Midterm | Materialisation

Slide 1-Scheme.png Slide 2-List of Materials.png Slide 3-Shapes.png Slide 4-Process.png Slide 5-Scheme.png

First presentation | Technical sollutions

Midterm Technical flying.jpg Midterm Technical drive.jpg Midterm Technicalpart 2.gif Midterm Technicalpart stacking.jpg Midterm Technical light.jpg Midterm Technical power.jpg Midterm Technical inversion.jpg

Midterm Drone.jpg

Midterm Drone in system.jpg


Prototypes 1a-c & 2 a-c & 3 a-d & 4 a-c

Our Concept's Evolution

Concept 001.jpg Concept 2.jpg Concept 3.jpg Concept 4b.jpg Concept 5.jpg Concept 6b.jpg Concept 7.jpg Concept 8b.jpg Concept 9.jpg Concept 10b.jpg

Possibilities within concept 5

Conceptual flowchart

Flowchart 2.0.jpg


Kinetic Rain | Terminal 1 | Changi Airport

Festo SmartInversion

Festo | eMotionSpheres

Festo | eMotionButterflies

Jellyfish-power | prepares for lift-off

DARPA | Nano Air Vehicle

The Future of Flying Robots | Vijay Kumar | TED Talks

Time: 7.09 - 8.22

Vijay Kumar | Robots that fly ... and cooperate

Time: 10.02 - 10.40