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D2RP Workshop - Acoustic Systems

Geometry Whole Module final.jpg

20160512 Group3 Section Set01.jpg 20160513 Group3 Section Set3-01.jpg

Component Based System

D2RP - acoustical perfomance-01.png D2RP - acoustical perfomance-02.png

D2RP presentation - all components together - exploded view.jpg D2RP presentation - component 1.jpg D2RP presentation - component 2.jpg D2RP presentation - component 3.jpg


Gradient Pattern 2.jpg

Second skin of functional patterns.


D2RP presentation - fabrication for fabricatin week.jpg

Prototype pattern.jpg

160507 D2RP Pattern.jpg



D2RP presentation - design principles.jpg

Double curved 3D structures achieved with lasercut patterns in 2D materials.

Patterns gradient Samples.jpg Possible configurations.

Double-curved samples.jpg

Material samples: cork merged to 3D.

Material-samples cork.jpg

Design system flowcharts

D2RP - design system flowchart.jpg D2RP - design principle with parameters - 1-01.jpg D2RP - design principle with parameters - 2-02.jpg D2RP - parametrical design principle 1.jpg