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Topological Assemblage, Design to Robotic Production workshop
Tutors Team / assistant: Henriette Bier, Sina Mostafavi and Ana Anton / Marco Gali


The workshop focuses on developing design-¬to-¬robotic-production (D2RP) methods for exploring assembly and componentiality in relation to requirements of porosity and variation at different scales, ranging from micro levels, as material systems, to macro levels as spatial and architectural configurations.

In this context, topological assemblage will be explored by designing and robotically producing a three-dimensional structure that consist of various components assembled into an integrated whole. The structure is part of the GSM podium/stage developed in the design studio and will be designed by taking into consideration requirements with respect to function/use, form, structure, and climate as follows:

(A) Functional requirements are addressed by mapping activities over a the 3 days period of the GSM symposium;

(B) Formal aspects are explored by taking into consideration material, structural, climatic requirements as well as principles of customisation, continuous variation, and componential re/combination;

(C) Climate requirements are considered from a distributed passive-active control perspective.

Main consideration is that the structure is composed of components that are together establishing hybrid systems (programmatic, climatic, structural, etc.), which are in part or completely NC or robotically processed and operated. Porosity and variation are investigated in relation to performative aspects (related to functional, structural, and/or environmental needs).


This workshop is framed around the design studio projects of groups 3 and 5. Members of other groups, who are interested in the D2RP workshop, will join group 3 and 5 based on their focus and interest.